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Stoughton's Local Government

Mayor -------------------------------------- Donna Olson

Clerk --------------------------------------- Luann Alme

Police Chief ------------------------------- Patrick O'Conner

Fire Chief ---------------------------------- Martin Lamers

Building Inspector ----------------------- Steve Kittelson

Deputy Clerk ------------------------------ Cindi Sturm

Municipal Judge --------------------------- Jonathan Hajny

Finance Director -------------------------- John Neal

  • Alder person District 1
    • Kathleen Kelly
    • Sonny Swangstu
    • Denise Duranczyk
  • Alder person District 2
    • Paul Lawrence
    • Ron Christianson
    • Dave McKichan
  • Alder person District 3
    • Melissa Lampe
    • Patrick Schneider
    • Gerald Olsen
  • Alder person District 4
    • Jim Griffin
    • Rollie Odland
    • Gary Lock
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State Government

Governor ------------------------------------------ Scott Walker
State Senator ------------------------------------ Mark Miller
State Assemblyman ----------------------------- Gary A. Hebl

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US Government Officials

President ---------------------------------------- Barack Obama
Vice President ---------------------------------- Joseph Biden

Senator ------------------------------------------ Ronald Johnson
Senator ------------------------------------------ Tammy Balwin
Representative --------------------------------- Mark Pocan

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House of Representatives
Cabinet Members

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